workshop I

Workshop I Topics:

On Mission: Evangelism in the Everyday Stuff of Life
(Justin Barney)

Worship and Suffering: Theology and Practice
(Ted Kim & Caleb Maskell)

Stages of Evangelism
(Josh Williams)

Reimagining our calling as culture-making
(Brittany Kim)

Spirit-led Leadership
(Mike Turrigiano)

Empowered for a Purpose: Kingdom-Empowered Spiritual Leadership 
(Brenda Gatlin & Christy Wimber)

Unpacking the Bible
(Mark Tindall and Rich Andrews)

Discipling Children: Vineyard Values in the Church and Home
(Debbie Fooskas & Michele Davidson)

What is Successful Mentoring?
(Jenna Stepp)

Building Teams
(John Elmer and Christopher Honess)

Mental Health & The Church
(Pauline Powell)

Lessons From a Diverse Staff Leading a Diverse Church
(Panel presentation, facilitated by Phil Chorlian)